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The Founders Campaign

The Foundation will provide funding to supplement new school construction planned to commence in 2010. Although the county school system budgets for construction, often during the process costs rise and plans shrink to meet the budget shortfall. The Foundation will offset some of those costs and provide teachers with the classroom environment they need to improve the educational environement at GPES. For example, according to current construction plans, the school media center (library) will be located in a larger space but no funds will be available to purchase additional books. Another example illustrated by the drama department is that due to state budget costs, the proposed stage for the drama department is half the size of the current stage. The foundation's funds can be used to ensure the new school does not have less adequate equipment than the current school.

Providing Funds to Individuals

The GPESEF funds education-related scholarships for teachers and students of Garrett Park Elementary School. For example, GPES now has 17% of its students in English Language Learning Programs. The Foundation will provide scholarship funds for teachers to attend Spanish-language or other classes to communciate with their ELL students or pay for online learning opportunities.

Another Example will provide support for the GPES low-income students. GPES now has 19% of students in reduced-price or free-breakfast and lunch programs. For low-income students, scholarships may provide for additional instruction in music, language, the arts, tutoring programs, computer or musical instrument loans, or Internet access for their homes.

Additionally, due to state and federal budget cuts in the area of education, the Foundation will be critical to provide funds for teachers to attend approved conferences no longer funded by the public school system, as well as supporting other effective programs and services that have lost their funding over the past few years.

Other School-Level Funds

The Foundation will fund education programs and equipment for Garrett Park Elementary School. These will include purchasing additional textbooks for classrooms, computer equipment, or other items requested by the principal or teachers for the school's use.



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